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Workshop description


The Experiential Creative Generalist: 

The Choice of Change - The Eloquence of Change


The importance of sincere and genuine experience transcends time and technology and is the marrow of change. The eloquence of change is a subtle recognition of perspective in a shared experience, backed into the corner of our own opportunity and given the Choice of Change. As Experiential Creative Generalist guides “alchemist trash pickers”- we choose available tools from the canyon to the clouds (adventure programming, expressive arts, body/life stories, metaphor, perspective, sensory exploration, music, dance, and more) for the intervention, and mysteriously but intentionally move to transference of the change, an art and a learned skill. We will experience, educate, navigate, investigate, explore, move, practice, laugh, reflect and open up to CHANGE. Participants will find usable skills and understanding of change within the context of wellness and balance for themselves and others. Old stories will intersect with new stories creating cohesiveness of mind, body, spirit, and soul and become a part of the mystery and the mystery a part of us.

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