Occasionally I Step Out And Rip The Room Apart

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Writing, composing, and playing music for over four decades, I've played all over the world, including my favorite: a two-block island tour downtown Minocqua, Wisconsin.

Sample performances:

Nicolet College Theatre - March 7, 2021

Concert for the Kids- March 7,2021


Mark Zanoni, Michelle Zanoni, Shannon Hauser, Dave Angell

The Vine in Minocqua, Wisconsin - July 9, 2016

KNW Band at The Vine - July 2016


Charlie Strong, Pete Shank, Mark Zanoni, Shannon Hauser, Andy Hauge

KNW Band History

First off, there have been some quality folks in and out the KNW Band aka Roy Neal, and in the mix are those of you who have jumped on stage, on the bar, or howled at the moon afterward. So let me begin by taking a short break to say Thank You; my friends, family, a lifetime of social work and my Creator have shaped my perspective and path. Here we go . . .”Up in The Woods,” my new album, has been in the works for a while, 1976 to be exact. Now as Medicare and Social Security are starring me in the face, it is time to finish this up.

The Roy Neal experience began at the Woodshed, moved to the Hazelhurst Pub, Ancient Mariner, and finished out at the Stumble Inn. Hayes Callahan and Don Irwin lived in the basement and were the first “Band.” There were songs written during this time that have never been heard but by a few, my used to be, former dogs and the moon.

The experience came to a resolve after some “mystery” time in Austin Texas hanging out with Gary P. Nunn, Jerry Jeff Walker and living in a house with a whole bunch of pirates. The bottom found me; I found a love, lost a love, found redemption and sang a new song.

In 1993 I produced a gospel album, “It’s Your Love I See”, with Rick Nass, Steve Dallman, Michael Standal, and the Smith Family. I was swept up in the continuing mystery and flown to Freiberg, Germany, to perform at the Zelt Festival. The music was living and real, but I lost contact with friends and the familiar and I returned to the woods. A Divergent Cakewalk with Josh Calhoun produced some tasty acoustic coffee house material with some radio time until the blues got a hold on me; and I needed loud, electric, soulful, real groove with Hammond B3.

The longest running player with me since the reemergence as KNW is Pete Shank, his Hammond and Leslie, followed by Shannon Hauser, who has jumped in and out at just the right times. Joe Gurr made us all look like amateurs. Dan Cable took over for CW after three beats; Charlie Strong skipped high school to show off his new bass at my studio. There was a hot night at Murtaughs when our guitar player Tim Jauernig could not make it, so Marty Cheyka “filled in” on guitar and ripped another chapter wide open as Shelby Cheyka emerged. We became the decade long KNW Band. This group spawned the Whitehouse Players, and a new rendition of KNW resiliency as Mark and Michelle Zanoni soon learned that this band does not take a break. In and out are too many players not to forget but also to name, and if I have forgotten you, you are somehow better for the experience. I am a better man, songwriter, and performer because of what you brought with you.